Rural Living and a Home Based Business

I live in a town so small you can’t even find me with a GPS and I love it, it’s beautiful and quiet. All was great, I worked for pretty much, the only game in town that paid well and I was relatively sure our industry was recession proof. Wrong! I lost my job, due to budget cuts. I figured, No problem I’ll just have to commute, I only live 2 hours in either direction of a Big City or even better I’ll find a Home Based Business.Of course, I started searching for an employer first. Here’s what I didn’t count on, the jobs offered by the employers in the big cities pointed out that I am 2 hours in “Good Weather and Good Traffic” but when conditions are bad it would take me considerably longer. Therefore, these companies wouldn’t hire me, not because I wasn’t qualified but because they viewed me as a “Time and Attendance Issue.” Now if I was willing to relocate, I’d be hired! They made it sound as though I lived in travel trailer that I could just hitch to my car tow to where ever they were located.As for finding a “Real” Home Based business I had all but given up. Oh, the “Opportunities” I found sounded great, but when I Googled them it was frightening. Some people had lost thousands of dollars joining these “Scams”, heck I couldn’t even afford to buy spam let alone invest thousands of dollars.Next step, I started looking into the “Work At Home Positions” that companies outsource. The problem with that is that because I live in a rural area I don’t have access to “Cable High Speed Internet” I have wireless high speed and it’s not as dependable so the few potential jobs I found, I didn’t get.Now my back was really to the wall, I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew there had to be someway that I could make money and remain in my home. The bills were piling up and I started getting nervous, you know you can maintain perfect credit for 99% of your life but let something major happen to change that and all of a sudden your a criminal to your creditors.One night I was sitting at my computer, as I had been doing since the day I became unemployed and I literally stumbled upon a “Real Home Based Business.” How did I know it was real? First off as always, I Googled it and much to my surprise all that came up was other people trying to get you to look at what they had by posing the question “Is It A Scam Or Is It Real”, I know cause I clicked on all of them.My next step was to take a more in-depth look, which I did, and everything appeared to be on the up and up. Now my concern was can I do this? This was a totally different profession for me, I had no previous education or even one skill in this industry. As I looked deeper into the Business, I began to perk up as I read on.This company offers a system that you plug into, coaches and support staff, training and Wait! What I get to follow the lead of top producers! and best of all they didn’t promise I would make thousands of dollars doing nothing!!!! They said right up front, if you want to make money you have to have the desire and dedication, we provide the tools and training but your success is dependent on you! Wow, in all my searching of Home Based Business I had never seen this, an actual “Honest” Home Based Business Opportunity.There hasn’t been a day that I have regretted my decision, I now get to work from my home, spending even more time in my rural paradise. The transition was made so easy I wish I had found this sooner, if you would like to see what I found click my link below.If your searching for the right Home Based Business whether you live in a rural paradise now or would like to, I hope this is as helpful to you has it has been to me.Good Luck in your making your dream come true! Maybe we’ll meet at the top!Best WishesTammy Bell

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